Photo Freeware of the Day 2009-08-20: CrazyCam 3.0

This is the hottest day of the year, so let's go crazy.

iMac users may have already played around with "Photo Booth" but now there's a similar program for Windows available, too! It's called CrazyCam and does many of the things that Photo Booth does. It uses Adobe AIR which enables it (like Java) to run on any Windows, Linux or Mac computer.

All you need to have fun is a webcam.

CrazyCam will add a filter to the camera live image and lets you take filtered snapshots or video clips.

This morning, anticipating the hot weather, I tried the "Water" effect first. I spontaneously recorded this as my first video - I had only some coffee and not combed my hair yet but toyed with a new computer program, so basically a very typical early morning ;)

So, how does it work?
Here's a little tutorial, as I could not find any on the web.
  • Make sure you have a working webcam. If you have Skype, you can test it there.
  • Check whether you have Adobe AIR installed already (if you are using Tweetdeck, you have). If not, download Adobe AIR from the original website and install.

  • Get the CrazyCam AIR application from this website. It will install CrazyCam. If you want to save the file for use on another computer, take this direct download link (right-click, save as...) and install.

  • After install, you will have an icon CrazyCam 3.0 on your desktop.

  • When you start the program, the webcam will be turned on and you can see the live pic in the program window.

  • There are four red buttons in the menu below the live image

  • 1. Mode - select photo or video mode
    2. Icon - displays the selected mode by showing a camera or clapperboard symbol. This button works as the shutter release and video start and stop button
    3. Grid - toggles between single live image and a list view of all images
    4. Fx - the effects button

    CrazyCam screenshot 1
  • Select an effect/filter by clicking the Fx button before you take a picture or record a video. You will see your live image and the effects displayed below:

    CrazyCam screenshot 2

  • Choose an effect like "snow" and click the camera button:

    CrazyCam screenshot 3

  • Clicking the grid button will display the pictures you have taken. Click on a thumbnail to view the full resolution image. To get back to the grid view, click on the large image:

    CrazyCam screenshot 4

As in Photo Booth, all images and videos are horizontally flipped, as in a mirror. You can see that in the images above the text on the shirt is not "HOT" (as in "Hot for Hillary") but "TOH".

Another issue with the current version is that the files are stored as JPG but are PNG inside. Firefox and Opera display them both as JPG or PNG but Internet Explorer 8 will only recognize the original images when named PNG.

If you want the images to appear correctly, you have to use a freeware tool like Irfanview which offers batch conversion. You can convert them to jpg and flip them at once.

CrazyCam 3.0 is made by Maarten Cox.

The following images are some I tried this afternoon. These are converted and flipped and have the original camera size resolution. I used the Monochrome, Sepia, Trippin', X-Ray and Snow effects. And all my charm.

self portrait CrazyCam 1

self portrait CrazyCam 2

self portrait CrazyCam 3

self portrait CrazyCam 4

self portrait CrazyCam 5

self portrait CrazyCam 6

self portrait CrazyCam 7


pocito said...

Thanks for this blog which is exactly what I had hoped for and special thanks for sharing nice little toys like this one.

Anonymous said...

How do you save the file to your desktop?

kellerfrau said...

@Anonymous 10:08: I posted the direct download link. As I wrote - right-click on that link and choose "save file as". Make sure the extension of the file is .air.

Anonymous said...

where does it save the pictures and videos?

kellerfrau said...

@Anonymous 4:28: On a Windows computer, the files are stored in a new folder called "crazycam" on your desktop.

Anonymous said...

it won't work on my computer.. it doesn't show the whole screen, so i can't see the red buttons, i was wondering if this was because i have a netbook, and if there is a way to fix this.

kellerfrau said...

@Autumn: The Crazycam program window is fixed in size, so you cannot maximize the window. On my netbook (with a 1024px x 600px screen) the window will open on the lower left part of the screen. It may be that the red buttons are not accessible.

But you can always click into the top window bar (where it says "CrazyCam 3.0") and drag the window up on the screen by moving your mouse, so you can see and use the buttons.

Anonymous said...

this blog was really helpful. thank youuu :)

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