Photo album: Bongwater 1991-03-07

A catchy album name can make me want to listen to the music. "The Power of Pussy" is a no-brainer, as far as I am concerned. And its impact cancels out the dull band name for me - Bongwater? I wouldn't care.

In March 1991 Bongwater came to Germany during their European tour to promote the album. I met them before their gig at the Japanese-styled Hotel Nippon which by design (ha ha) inspired Kramer and Ann Magnuson to channel their inner John & Yoko. They donned the hotel bathrobes and posed on the bed - it is always nice to work with professional posers who know what to do in front of a camera :)

Bongwater (Ann Magnuson + Kramer) at the Hotel Nippon, Hamburg, 1991, photo by Moni KellermannBongwater - Kramer and Ann Magnuson
Hotel Nippon, Hamburg, Germany
March 7, 1991

And that was just the warm-up. Their show at the Kleine Markthalle (which is an intimate 200-capacity room above the regular venue) was nothing but spectacular - I hope you get an idea from my photos!

But even if it is on my "best concerts I've ever seen" list out of thousands I've seen overall, I will always remember it for something else. And I'm not sorry if I now will have to start talking about boobs again!

It's the only gig ever where a performer teased me and made sure I would NOT take what easily would have been the "photo of the day". As it was a really small stage, Ann Magnuson was very much aware of me being there with my camera. So, during the sequence when she was sporting that bra outfit, she waited for a moment when I was just watching and NOT aiming my cam at her, turned in my direction and - for a split second - flashed her boobs! She knew that I was unable to take that photo and grinned. And I am still grinning back! :D

Bongwater (Ann Magnuson + Kramer) live at the Markthalle, Hamburg, 1991, photo by Moni KellermannAnn Magnuson (Bongwater)
Markthalle Hamburg, Germany
March 7, 1991

Although I didn't get to take THAT photo, I came up with an exceptional number of really good ones which you can drool over in this album here:

As for further watching, I recommend the totally underrated 1987 movie "Making Mr. Right" by Susan Seidelman (of "Desperately Seeking Susan" fame) starring Ann Magnuson and John Malkovich. You can get it from Netflix here or - if you are in Germany, buy a copy for just 8 Euros from Amazon.

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