Barack my birthday!

My Supra SkytopsThis is what I got myself for my 53rd birthday: A new pair of kicks and this blog.

I have been making plans for a blog for several years but never could decide on anything – Wordpress on my own server or Blogger, a personal blog and/or a photo blog, English or German or both and so on and so on. Last year I felt inspired to create a blog on Hillary Clinton's speeches and interviews which was easy because I had a cause and I didn't have to write anything personal. At least I could get myself to test-drive Blogger.

So, here I am. Finally. I know you have not been waiting ;)

At least I have stopped procrastinating and set this up. I have plenty of interesting ideas but putting them into action can be complicated for me at times. If I have too many choices, I may get mentally stuck. Like starving in a supermarket in front of a shelf with 99 brands of yoghurt because I can't decide which one to pick.

Fuck perfectionism, I don't have time for that anymore. So, I didn't finish whipping this blog template into shape 100% (I spent hours on it yesterday and ran out of time), I linked a dummy "About" page (#webdesignfail!). I didn't write my bio yet (#PRfail!). And anyway - shouldn't I be cleaning the windows right now?

But I promised myself to get this entry written on my birthday - and yes, this year.

The "Song of the Day" is called "One For My Baby", an instrumental version by jazz guitar player Wes Montgomery, which is, as Orrin Keepnews wrote in the record's liner notes "a rich and leisurely exploration [...] that searches and finds all the "quarter to three" A.M. atmosphere that the song's lyrics talk about."

For me that song has always been somewhat of a birthday tune because the whole album was recorded on my 5th birthday - August 4, 1961 in NYC. And if that date looks a little familiar to you now, it's because it is Barack Obama's date of birth. Yes, Wes Montgomery recorded that album the day Barack Obama was born. You wouldn't have known that, right?

I have plenty of photos, stories and knowledge to share – and will be practicing my English along the way.

I promise you will not be bored.

A female singer who does a handstand for me in the middle of the hotel lobby? The Dalai Lama behind the scenes in Hamburg? Zappa backstage? Musicians, movie stars, writers and photographers, empty places, soccer hooligans, cats and dogs (not raining). Oh, and I haven't mentioned Joni M. yet, have I?

I will take a walk in my new shoes today, figuratively and literally, snap a few pics while doing so and share them with you later.

"Happy Birthday, Mr. President", and have a nice day, y'all.


moni k.


sylvia said...

The blog looks really nice, attractive layout, good colors. I got myself new Converse recently - black hi-tops exactly like the ones I always wore years ago. Except those old ones were only $3 and these new cost $50.

Ich wunsche dir einen schonen netten Geburtstag!


Lisa Nemzo said...

happy birthday moni!

this is great! looks very clean and easy to read... your English is amazing.

hope you have a great day celebrating... didn't know you were a Leo...
a Leo? really?

so the website is up and running...
cd is out, vinyl is out, unofficially, and Reach is revised and up and running as well.. even have a Lisa Nemzo YouTube Page which all my videos you posted should be on...
do you know how to do that? sure you do! but do I????

anyway, have fun! talk soon,

Lisa xo

Kristina said...

Happy birthday Moni!! How funny, I started a blog in June, it's about food, garden and my little family, you can check it out if you like
I'm looking forward to seeing your pics here.
Have a great day and enjoy walking in your shoes :)

pociao said...

Happy birthday again, my dear

and ... WOW ... no, didn't know that it's you and Obama we celebrate today. Happy to see you started w/your own blog finally, hope to see more of it, p.

Anonymous said...

Dear Moni,
This sneakers are so totally YOU! And so is your blog. My warmest congrats and compliments.
Much love to you, Your old friend Violetta

LC Messinger said...

Happy birthday Moni....Nice looking blog. Keep it up! Hope to see you again one day soon...
Love, Lynne

Kristian said...

A great blog, a lovely pic of shoes, a divine woman!

Hillary Clinton Army said...

Happy Birthday! Love the kicks, love the blog! Keep on blogging!

Doreen said...

LOVE IT!!! Happy Birthday again and again and again! Maybe this will be the year I give myself the things I've always wanted too!!

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