Peacock Eye

Peacock Eye cake Pfauenauge-Torte
It was much too hot to wear my new Supra sneakers yesterday. I should have known it but then I really wanted to try them out because they are so beautiful and brand-new.

I went to my favourite café in the city of Essen, together with my dear friend S. They had run out of my beloved Kremschnitte, so I settled on a slice of cake called "Pfauenauge" (peacock eye) which was delicious!

I always regret that I can't eat more than one piece because those cakes are really rich. But I plan to not leave this planet before I have tried all their cakes ;)

inside Café Overbeck

The café has maintained its wonderful Fifties style and atmosphere despite some (thankfully) careful restoration.
It attracts a mixed audience although it is most frequented by older ladies like me ;) who love the slow pace and the absence of background music.

Café Overbeck


pociao said...

Do they serve Eierlikörtorte?

kellerfrau said...

I'm not sure and even if they do, it would be way down my list because it is so ordinary. You can get Eierlikörtorte at any supermarket. As for Overbeck, I always go for the Kremschnitte because you can't get it anywhere else.

Speaking of Eierlikör, I noticed that they serve a coffee with it! I have never seen this before! They call it "Paso Doble Kaffee" :) I gotta try that some time.

Kristian said...

I know for a fact that this café is lovely! Especially if you sit and discuss the artists from the 50-60's and with the right company like Frau K!

/Kriss, who really wants to go back and have a cup of coffee, and try that Pfauenauge! ;)

Doreen said...

The photos are beautiful, as is the photographer! Happy Birthday, Moni, from your-not-always-so-communicative American pen pal!! I think back to all those me-nights/you-mornings that you kept me company in cyberspace, and how wonderful it was to have someone intelligent, witty, and so amazingly creative to chat with. Now if we could only get you to NY before we're too old to go wild there!! Congrats on your blog--it is as beautiful as you are!!

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